1. Pure aluminum powder combined with high quality resin.
2. Many color options.
3. Unique molding technology.
4. The same material both interior and surface the product.

PG technical standard

Product material ratio: aluminum hydroxide powder + resin + color paste.
In order to ensure excellent anti-aging properties of products:
1. of the raw materials, 100% of China's aluminum industry uses aluminum hydroxide powder, no stone powder,
2. resin as the inter benzene type resin, and no o-phenyl resin.
3. The color paste is a special color paste specially prepared for PG.
Product material: the material is the same, no gel coat is used on the surface of the material,
and no harmful glass fiber is added to the material.

PG quality standard

PG products have passed the European, North American and Chinese standards.

Detection of CuPc standard in North America
American Standard ANSI Z 124.6-2007
China Standard Test jc908-2002
ISO9001 quality system certification
Test of European standard en14688:2006 (E)
Antiskid test on the bottom of "astmc1028-2007" standard
Anti aging test of CSA standard in North America
Test of anti fouling performance of CSA Standard in North America

Test content of CUPC standard in North America
1. Impact test
2. Color fastness test
3. Anti pollution performance test
4. Boiling water test
5. Flammability test
6. Smoke test
7. Chemical resistance test
8. Thermal shock resistance test
9. Puncture resistance test
10. Water absorption test


  • USA Test Standard
    USA Test Standard
  • ISO9001
  • China Test Report
    China Test Report
  • USA Test Standard
    USA Test Standard
  • EU Test Standard
    EU Test Standard
  • Anti Aging Test Report
    Anti Aging Test Report
  • Anti Slip Test Report
    Anti Slip Test Report
  • Anti fouling test report
    Anti fouling test report
  • GQT test report
    GQT test report
  • SGS